Is what i'm doing forbidden? Wildcard pointing to CNAME from another protected domain

Hello, i wanted to create a website where each user has its own subdomain i didn’t want to use the API to add each user subdomain to the dns records because of that i did some experience and achieved free wildcard protected subdomain.

I have the following setup:
Two domains and

On the first domain example1-dot-com i created A service.example1-dot-com record pointing to IP with orange cloud enabled.

Then on the second i created new cname record *.example2-dot-com pointing to service.example1-dot-com and orange cloud enabled.

So far it works and i got wildcard protected subdomain without paying for enterprise, is this allowed to do?

Should i continue doing this or my account could get banned?

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i meant experiments.

I also found this comment from cf staff Forwarding Wildcard DNS - #14 by cscharff so i guess what im doing is fine?

Only Trust & Safety could answer that. I wouldn’t try it because I don’t want to risk getting banned. It’d be hard to defend against by calling it an “honest mistake.”

I wish to not get banned too, obviously they know about that, and i wonder why they don’t prevent it or at least show warning or something.
Im waiting for a answer from cloudflare here or i should ask somewhere else?

Hey any idea how to message Trust & Safety?

Open a ticket. That should route your query to the appropriate group.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Hi @dimitar.d.yanakiev, can you respond to the automatic reply you received and indicate it does not answer your question? The team ought to be able to give a reply without escalating to T&S.


Im closing the issue, everything is fine.
Cloudflare support said: It’s perfectly ok for you to do that kind of setup.7


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