Is WARP+ abandoned?

I subscribed to WARP+ 3 times via [email protected], it was working almost perfect when it first shipped creating speed miracles on mostly censored/unoptimized .TR IP space.
I reported every problem to WARP+ using their own option and didn’t get a single response except “while we can’t respond” junk template.
WARP+ is NOT a free/community service. is making significant amount of money from it. Actually I am surprised that Google and Apple didn’t remove the application from their stores, at least remove in-app purchases since this is the one tool I am aware of which doesn’t provide support to paying subscribers
There are people here on this forum who tries to help but obviously they aren’t running the network. Even a memory leak has been reported which also opens possibility to a very serious security issue.
So, did WARP+ fail or did Cloudflare lose interest? Why are you hurting your brand with a product which you clealy don’t provide support?

I can only say that “ Faster Internet” for IOS has been updated 4 days ago, so clearly it is being actively maintained. The update before that was a week ago, and before 4 weeks ago.

Also, WARP is used with Cloudflare Zero Trust which is the product they have in the spotlight.

Like mentioned above, WARP, WARP+ and WARP for Teams all use the same app/program - Cloudflare themselves use WARP even - so it’s far from abandoned.

I notice even Windows version gets updated every 2-3 weeks or so. The issue is, updates doesn’t fix anything. We are paying customers and we say “entire google network is unreachable”, this should be extremely alerting for any company who does network business.

Let’s say if site uses google analytics or google fonts and you can’t reach to those because of the site won’t work at all. For non experienced user: Internet is gone.

I am basically saying at least in Turkish IP space, with WARP+ (the one you pay for) can’t reach almost the entire Google network. This sometimes includes Reddit and others too. Cloudflare puts itself to a very bad position because none of the bug/issue reports are getting cared about
I use&support open source software and community powered products/networks. I am not expected to pay any money for them. I had my bug reports/issues/feedback responded in 24 hours or even less by developers/community supporters. Cloudflare is selling this product as advertisement for how reliable and fast their network is and still not supporting it.

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