Is WAF working now?

i don’t think WAF is working now

Hi @jsswin8,

Sorry about the issues, I suspect it may have been due to an issue that seems resolved now.

Does it still seem to not be working and what makes you think so?

attacked myself but no response from WAF

What rules would you expect to trigger and nothing in the firewall events log?

it’s working thank you

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now it’s working, but i’m sure it didn’t work right after the today’s issue

I suspect it was related to the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and glad it is working for you now :slightly_smiling_face:.

thank you.

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It looks like you’re correct:

At 1402 UTC we understood what was happening and decided to issue a ‘global kill’ on the WAF Managed Rulesets, which instantly dropped CPU back to normal and restored traffic. That occurred at 1409 UTC.

We then went on to review the offending pull request, roll back the specific rules, test the change to ensure that we were 100% certain that we had the correct fix, and re-enabled the WAF Managed Rulesets at 1452 UTC.