Is Using WARP Worth it or is it too Slow?

Hello everyone, I recently found the cloudflare mobile app while I was searching for a way to use a custom dns server on mobile data. I’ve been using Cloudflare on my home network for a few years now.

After I downloaded the app I noticed there was an option called WARP instead of just the usual dns server that is supposed to further improve privacy. I looked it up online but all I could find were posts from 3-4 years ago saying it was very very slow. I have a few questions regarding it and dns servers in general.

  1. First of all, would it be an issue if I used WARP while on my home network that already uses the cloudflare dns servers? I saw that there’s options to disable it on certain WiFi networks or all WiFi networks and I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that unless it can cause issues in some way.

  2. Is the performance with the regular WARP alright or would I need to pay for the subscription to see good internet speeds? I understand it’s a vpn so I’d be losing some speed no matter what but I’d rather not lose more than 10-15%.

  3. Should I be setting my dns server manually to cloudflare’s ipv4 and ipv6 servers on my devices as well or is just having it set in the app for my home network enough? I know setting my home network to it saw some pretty good improvements but I’m not sure if setting my individual devices manually to the dns servers would further improve speeds or if it would be redundant.

  4. And finally does just having the regular dns setting active in the cloudflare mobile app have any negative effects on internet speeds? If WARP is slow then I’d still want to use the regular dns server so im connected to it even when I’m on mobile data. It says I’m still connected to a vpn even when I just have the app set to use so I’m not sure if it would give me the same benefit as I saw with switching my home network to it or if it would make my mobile data slower.

If there’s any good tools someone knows of where I could test stability, ping time and speeds that would be much appreciated as well!