Is turnstile only meant for bot verification on Forms or does it also work on normal pages?

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Is it possible to use Turnstile as a bot detering tool for page visits also? Or is it only meant as deterrant for form submissions?

If the former is possible, can you please guide me how to do it?

Thank you

Whilst you could put a Turnstile widget on every page, it wouldn’t accomplish anything if the request wasn’t a POST, and you didn’t validate the turnstile response server-side.

If you want a more generalised bot protection across your entire site, including outside of forms, consider Bot Fight Mode:

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Thank you for a definitive answer. This answers my query.

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Yeah it’s possible and it would (possibly) perform better than SBFM alone. However, it requires a fair amount of tunning and effort from your side.

You’d need to inject an invisible turnstile challenge on all pages and have it reach a worker endpoint that verifies the challenge result, if it fails or a visitor doesn’t have a valid cookie, add them a deny ip list.

The trick part isn’t adding the captcha and validation but preventing bots from simply not executing the challenge.

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