Is training possible?

Good day guys,

Since I am an Enterprise user in CLoudflare. Lately I see that are some new configurations options available on Cloudflare + I am kind off new in using it.

Is there any training available with someone from your side? I know that you have documentation ready for everything but I feel that I would like to discuss to someone and guide me to all the options available (new and old ones).

Have a great one!

Hi @c71,

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of general stuff we can offer in the community, but if you have a specific issue, we’ll be happy to try and help.

Have you contacted your Customer Success Manager about this? I would imagine they would be the best person to arrange this for you.


According to @Michael, Cloudflare has occasional product sessions. Something like that. But it sounds like they do some sort of interactive sessions with Enterprise users on a regular basis.

I have one if these sessions in my diary tomorrow. Usually informative, lead by senior staff (like the Chief Product Officer), and I think all the questions get answered (or at least addressed) during the Q&A. And your Success Team will follow up your questions automagically.

If you don’t get the invitations, talk to your Success Manager.


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