Is TLS 1.3 still working?


I could have sworn I could see TLS 1.3 working for my domains. I now have some on Universal SSL, and some on the $5/mo certificate, and none of them are showing TLS 1.3 in Chrome’s Security Tab, Hardenize, or SSL Labs. Yes, I have TLS 1.3 enabled+0RTT in the Crypto settings.

Is anybody’s showing TLS 1.3? And what are you using to see this?


Nevermind. It looks like my browsers lost the 1.3 config I added a while back. I’m still curious as to why it’s not showing up in any SSL tests.


Continuing my conversation with myself, shows TLS 1.3, so at least that’s something. Good enough for me.


I did also check a bunch of SSL testing sites and htbridge was the only one reporting on it. Even then, presence of TLS 1.3 doesn’t factor into the score of their test, it is just tagged as informational.


I think the 1.3 standard was just finalized last week. So in a couple of years some of those tests might be updated. :wink:

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