Is Tik Tok in the roadmap?

Is one of the biggest social networks and we’d like to have them on Zaraz

You can use the “Custom HTML” while waiting.

Twitter and FB Pixels are there so, since TikTok is popular, I doubt they don’t add it.

I asked about this on #zaraz Discord. They said on the roadmap, but not in the next month.

I was trying to implement the Events API (server side), but found I couldn’t create nested JSON or add event headers. It would make a lot more sense if I could just write a little Cloudflare Worker that was triggered server side :slight_smile:

How would you go about using Custom HTML to make the TikTok tracking pixel work? It is not clear from the doc exactly what the custom HTML tool does, but if it simply injects the normal TikTok tracking pixel into the page, that won’t make it any faster or easier than just injecting that yourself in code? I suppose if someone is using a site they cannot control that would work, but I am wanting to use Zaraz for the performance benefits and move the TikTok pixel to the edge not in the browser.

Cloudflare still doesn’t support the TikTok tracking pixel, that’s why it can’t be run on the edge.
You need to use the custom HTML option till is supported.

If you’re willing to do some development, it sounds like you could to create a Managed Component and work with Zaraz to make it available. See more info on #zaraz Discord.

Oh, I totally missed that announcement! Yes, I would probably spend the time building managed components for the bits we need and them publish them as Open Source so we can move all the marketing ■■■■ to the edge. Love it!

I looked into the managed components but it’s not clear to me at this point if that is something you can use to actually build Zaraz modules yet or not?

We need to add support for TikTok events for conversion tracking as mentioned in this URL:

But without proper integration all we can do now is use the HTML snippet to stuff the pixel onto the page which would then load their JS into the browser, and would have to still manually wire up all the event handling? Or am I missing something and there would be a way to wire that up somehow with Zaraz manually?

It’s currently in a closed beta. Reach out to me with a DM on a discord and we can discuss further.