Is this true?

Hi ,

I found this on the free plan

Support resource: Median email response time of less than 24 hours.

Is it true ?
because if we mail to [email protected] the bot will automatically end the ticket

Where do you see this? It may be referring to the limited ticketed support available on Free (billing, account, 2FA and abuse).

Our Plans | Pricing correctly lists the support options for Free users as ‘Community forums and documentation’.


Thanks for the reply @domjh

I am able to see it when I click on Upgrade Plan

It should be changed right ? the users can get confused

Then it should be mentioned :neutral_face:

Oh I see, that should probably be updated, yes.

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How can this said to the Cloudflare team ?

I’ve added this thread to the escalation queue.


Any Update on this @domjh

It was passed on to the relevant team, no idea if/when we’ll hear back but they are aware.


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