Is this the "cname setup" service we want

We want our customers to be able to allowed to route their domains to our subdomains so we know that cf has a cname setup option on paid subcriptions, but we are not sure if we can do this in a Pro account?

There are some articles on internet that this is available on pro accounts but your pricing comparising table seems that it is not supported on Pro plan, so what is the right package for us to buy?

Pro or Business?
Is this the “cname setup” service we want or it is an other thing?

An example our action is:
our customers’ dns would be a cf account or may not!
customer → cname: (and we want to preserve the proxy/caching on our side)

for free plan we are getting
Error 1014
CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hi @dcatdns,

You may be looking for Custom Hostnames, which is an Enterprise feature, but allows your customers to CNAME to your domain and you to control their setup.

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Thank you, than what is the “cname setup” service on business plan?

The CNAME setup is for adding your domain to Cloudflare without changing the nameservers, not allowing others to CNAME to your domain.

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