Is this REALLY for Home usage

You have not made it easy to get started for home usage, It seems this is really not the purpose of this product even though your marketing people are posting out on the internet that it is a home solution. You have not provide clear instruction on home based setup after making dns ip changes in router/modem. And since I have never lost internet connectivity as I did last night and lost revenue on my home based mining, I have to assume it was due to cloudflare, as everything was out from around 10pm to 5:30am. That’s enough for me, looking for alternative and will request a refund.

May I ask did you connected over Cloudflare WARP or only by changing the DNS servers to / at your router/device?

Is it legal and is it actually in the limits of the Cloudflare ToS to run it over/behind Cloudflare?

What instructions have you followed to setup what exactly? IP change in which terms? Like Cloudflare Teams or only the DNS servers?

Here are some helpful:

Try on your device first. There could be a possibly issue with your ISP provider and the DHCP process of issuing a new IP address to your router (via their specific DNS servers) as you changed your DNS servers to Cloudflare (as it seems to me from what you written).

May I ask what service have you paid for, if so? @Laurie

Have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue?

response, in order of questions:

  1. I signed up for teams and used the ip provided on that page for ipv4
  2. If Cloudflare has a business in my business I will go elsewhere (this isn’t a commi country yet). You either provide service or you don’t, how I use my network is my business not cloudflares, unless it is clearly illegal activity, then of course, but this is normal home based activity for hundreds,000’s if not millions of Americans’ now, everyone with gaming pc mines with gpu, if not they are missing free money. And honestly there is essential no dns activity from this, ip’s/domains don’t change much.
  3. I followed setup process on teams. updated home modem with assigned ip,
  4. I previously was on public cloudflare dns, I have changed dns ip in the past without issue, google, cloudflare, opendns, etc.
    I simply want gateway monitoring so I know what is using bandwidth as my usage went over last month for first time ever. I don’t care about warp or other products, I just want logs on dns querys and bandwidth usage in a nice graphical presentation with mapping to ip domain names and usage logs.
  5. I am thinking this is not a service for home based users and your marketing team should understand that, I will continue to use it for CDN for clients who need it and public dns for home.

I can admit I know a person who is missing salary for at least previous or two months, having GTX 1080 and a gaming person, but he is not mining his GPU.

So, cannot be spoken as a general statement “as-is” obviously.

Okay, but if it’s not the mining, what else could it be? (WiFi without password, torrents, game updates, YouTube …)

May I ask, this one?:

I can admit this can also be done without Cloudflare, if that is the issue here?
Later on, you can represent the data from the log file in graphs, etc.

Here’s what I’m already seeing as a problem of Cloudflare promoting itself as a home solution, most people just want to secure and monitor their home networks because broadband carriers won’t provide the service unless you use their equipment and pay extra. The great resources supporting the forum are used to supporting hosting companies and website designers or other commercial enterprises. Now asking them to support users who have bought into the marketing hype that it’s a solution for all are probably frustrated by queries such as this one. This guy wants something simple, however, cloudflare is not a simple solution. Even with some knowledge and following tutorial I still can’t see my home traffic to see what my family are visiting or if I should be blocking content. This solution is not a one solutions fits all, it’s just not. If you want to sell to home consumers you need a dumbed down dashboard with self configuring wizards. You guys are just missing it here.

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