Is this REALLY for Home usage

Here’s what I’m already seeing as a problem of Cloudflare promoting itself as a home solution, most people just want to secure and monitor their home networks because broadband carriers won’t provide the service unless you use their equipment and pay extra. The great resources supporting the forum are used to supporting hosting companies and website designers or other commercial enterprises. Now asking them to support users who have bought into the marketing hype that it’s a solution for all are probably frustrated by queries such as this one. This guy wants something simple, however, cloudflare is not a simple solution. Even with some knowledge and following tutorial I still can’t see my home traffic to see what my family are visiting or if I should be blocking content. This solution is not a one solutions fits all, it’s just not. If you want to sell to home consumers you need a dumbed down dashboard with self configuring wizards. You guys are just missing it here.