Is this ok?


safari 12:

chrome 70:

My ip is ipv6, but the SAFARI test states the following: 1) NO to ipv6 DNS and 2)No to DNS over HTTPS/TLS

WHY? Chrome says no only to the 2nd


fixed doh with the guide. DOH says YES now.

Cant understand the following:

  1. DoT is NO in general (have enabled TLS in chrome, if this helps)

  2. Safari DNS says no in ipv6 (even though my ip is ipv6, if this helps)


“DoT” is DNS over TLS, it’s not possible to enable this in a browser as not many browser supports it (Tenta does I think).

Safari has a bug in certificate validation when an IPv6 address is present in SAN, so the test doesn’t work. We’re trying to work around it!