Is this CNAME Required?

I just switched a domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. As part of the process, Cloudflare copied all of the DNS Records, including CNAME autoconfig.admin and CNAME autodiscover.admin

Next to each of these records is a red triangle icon that says, “This hostname is not covered by a Universal certificate.” I’m assuming this is referring to the website’s SSL certificate, which is handled by CloudWays.

What do these CNAMEs do and are they even necessary? Thanks!

Those most likely aren’t website SSL, but your host should always be responsible for issuing all necessary SSL/TLS certificates at the origin.

As with your SRV record, they’re not there because of Cloudflare. It’s up to you to determine what services and DNS records you need for them.

if u are at cloudways better check their forum. cloudways is rock solid especially with their Cloudflare enterprise addon.

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