Is this CF ssl fault?

Hi there

For the last few hrs i have tried to log in to my site (, but i can’t. I think that the problem started when i made the changes from http to https to general settings. Hence, could this be because i had to wait up to 24hrs before making changes.

I spoke to my host and they directed my to CF based on A-DNS record missing from CF.

Can someone see where the problem is and how can to solve it.

Many thanks in advance,

The HTTPS version of your domain redirects to another domain. The HTTP version still works.

This makes me think that you don’t have a TLS certificate on your server for your website. And rather than failing the connection, the server unhelpfully redirects to a different domain.

You need to get your host to add SSL for your domain.


yeh i noticed that, because i changed the level of ssl from flexible to full. Apparently it redirected me another one of sites. Strange. Now that i changed it back to flexible it doesn’t redirect me to the other site

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