Is this called EV SSL?

I do not speak English because it is not the main language.

I have looked around several sites and found that the internet address bar background is green.
Is this called EV SSL?
Anyway, I want to know what I need to do in Cloudflare to use this.
Will I be able to upgrade to a business plan or upgrade SSL with $ 10 a month or will the address bar turn green when I use it?

Yes, EV SSL aka “green bar”.

You will have to buy it yourself from 3rd party seller and be on Business or Enterprise plan to be able to upload custom SSL.

At the moment, CF does not sell/issue EV/OV SSL certs.

Yep, works well but as cybermania said for the greenbar you have to supply your own certificate. An EV certificate from a reputable supplier is a lot more than $10 - they’re normally anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to many thousands depending what it’s for and who it’s with is our site that is running an EV cert uploaded to CF