Is this a scam email?

title:“New Ticket from Cloudflare: (#XXXXXX) ACTION REQUIRED User Billing verification step required for your Cloudflare account”
it from"[email protected]"

it is not a scam and has come up as questionable a few times on this site.


What happens if I don’t reply?

The email explains that you will lose paid services and domain registrations.


But after 1 minute I get another email"Your report (#14XXXX) has been replied to. Note – When responding please make sure to keep #14XXXX in the subject line.

Make sure that you complete the Stripe verification linked and reply with any questions to that email. No one here can see or help you further with T&S issues.

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I don’t know the difficulty of the implementation, but a better flow would be an email with no links that explains things and instructs the user to log in to their Cloudflare account. A link to the Stripe verification on the dashboard would be far less likely to trigger the scam reaction.


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