Is this a bug in the Firewall overview UI?


First time poster here. Am I doing something wrong?
In the period selected there are 6 “blocks” in total for 2 distinct rules (3 each).
However, the UI gives me this:

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Ronald Stolk

Certainly looks like it. It’s near impossible for mere mortals to raise bug reports via [email protected] though so with some luck it gets picked up here by.

Not sure whats happening on the UI/UX front at the moment, I think (guessing) there is two versions in development, the one driving Access/Teams and legacy one, and perhaps they are reluctant to refine the legacy, yet it’s difficult to say which is more buggy, there’s a lot lot of state issues on Access/Teams UI/UX that are arguably more frustrating than bugs on the legacy UI.

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