Is there way to detect serverside if user is using Cloudflare Warp?

I have built website where some parts of the site rely on Cloudflare Warp + Cloudflare Worker combo.

Without Cloudflare Warp the Worker will not work (due to geoblock’s on API calls).

What’s my best way to detect server side (PHP) if user has Cloudflare Warp on?

I simply want to just do check, and if user isn’t running Cloudeflare Warp, then give him a pop up “Hey, in order for our stuff to function properly you need to be running Cloudeflar warp”

Can you define Warp? Is it the client in Warp mode or Warp in terms mode … either/or?


I’ve so far only debugged the functionality of my service using the client, and that’s the only one which I need to support.

And to clarify;

My service is already running behind normal Cloudflare as well, so headers isn’t giving away it, at least with a quick look that I had.

What’s warp?

I’m not the best at the explaining, but in short, it’s Cloudflares own “VPN”.

When combined with Cloudflare Workers, it allows nicely sending API requests across multiple servers while still all of the request will maintain the Client’s IP in headers.

This helps on accessing Geoblocked content through API, even if your server is in Geoblocked area, but the actual user is in non-geoblocker area.

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