Is there something like warp for windows?

i want it on my laptop cause my isp blocks alot of sites but it looks like they can’t recognize and block them when i am using warp on my phone and as far i understand it just encrypts the dns request not the traffics itself so it wouldn’t slow down my internet to much

If you want to keep DNS-over-HTTPS you can do that with the cloudflared client (or other alternatives you can find online), but it’s not the easiest set-up depending on the way you chose. Alternatively there is this guide which is a less private way to set it up.

i have already set it up on my router but it doesn’t help and have setup Simple DNSCrypt
and gotten the first 3 ticks on but they could still block them idk why they can’t when i am using warp on my phone

Just a quick question before I reply… what does this return you? Paste the link it creates back here. and i don’t have dnscryt installed now sorry about that i uninstalled it cause it wasn’t working but i found another solution it worked for me but thx anyway for the help :smiley:

Sure, no problem!