Is there rate limiting on images being served by Cloudflare

I recently installed a process which host and then serves images via Cloudflare images. The images are served using the public links. I am quite a heavy user, and my process needs to collect all the images (anywhere from 100-1000) from the public URLs in a certain time. This process worked fine initially, but as the load has increased its start to fail.

I have run a number of tests, and my hypothesis is that depending on some measure (images stored, images served per day) Cloudflare start to deliver the images slower to the URLs to compensate. Can anyone from Cloudflare confirm this, and if so can I am happy to pay for additional compute so that this doesnt happen. I would submit this as a ticket but I am deemed a ‘Free’ user as I pay for Images only and dont have a domain.

There multiple of variables that can affect performance.

  1. Shape of a traffic has sharp spikes (100-1000 per second or what time interval)
  2. Uniqueness of the requested images (what is the ratio Hit/Miss cache ratio)
  3. Geo location

Feel free to send auxiliary data in DM.

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