Is there is a workaround to integrate main domain using CNAME setup (without zone migration)

Hello Dear Cloudflare support team.
We would like to know if there is a workaround how to integrate main domain using CNAME setup ( without zone migration ) .

Cname works fine for all subdomains, but we would like to integrate using CNAME, main domain ( ) . Right now it is pretty challenging for us to migrate entire zone to the cloudflare.

Yes, on Business & Enterprise plans CNAME setup is an option.

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It is a part of the DNS standard that no other DNS record(s) can exist together with a CNAME.

The apex (main domain) requires a couple of other records to function, such as e.g. SOA and NS.

Therefore, you can technically not use a CNAME on the apex (main domain).

However, -

If your current DNS provider have a DNS record type, named either ANAME or ALIAS, that one would typically work just like the CNAME.

ANAME or ALIAS record(s) will provide the public with AAAA and/or A record(s), so the final result isn’t violating any standards and/or otherwise causing trouble, however, behind it all, the DNS server will simply follow towards the target hostname, just like if it was a CNAME you used, in order to determine which AAAA and/or A record(s) to respond with.

ANAME or ALIAS record(s) provide similar functionality as Cloudflare’s CNAME flattening.

Unless your current DNS provider supports ANAME or ALIAS record(s), or something else that can provide equal functionality, you’re out of luck with doing something like that on your apex (main domain).

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My main DNS provider is AWS and here is supported A record with Alias but alias supports some resources form AWS and there is no possibility to make alias toward cloudflare

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