Is there is a way to download videos with cloudflare stream

I’ve looked into FAQs it clearly states that I cannot, but if there is a way out please share…!

Q Can I download original video files from Stream?
A: Video cannot be downloaded from Cloudflare Stream.

Any additional cost is fine. As long as I can download the videos.

As it’s a streaming service, and the documentation is clear, the answer is “no.”

YES there is a way to download a Cloudflare Stream. I used a software called WinX HD Video Converter which has a download feature for youtube videos. Place the Stream’s video link in Video URL area and just do it. It works even thought not a youtube specific URL

We’re currently working on a feature to enable downloading of videos (for example, for offline viewing).

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This feature is now available, documentation is here: Download videos · Cloudflare Stream docs