Is there anyway to use the cloudflare's ssl only?

Now each visitor is using my site from Cloudflare’s cdn so that it’s like my server is somewhere else than it really is , right ? User A may see the site from America and User B may see the server from Africa.

I don’t want this and I want to only use the Cloudflare’s ssl.

I tried to turn off the proxy clouds of DNSs but they also turned off my Cloudflare’s ssl too,

I tried to create a rule to bypass cache but it’s not a solution,

Is there anyway to use the Cloudflare’s ssl only ?

Can you elaborate on your reason to use Cloudflare?

I just wondering is this possible or not…

All right, in that case, no it’s not possible.

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Well, thanks…

But again, if you shared your use case, a more detailed response could be provided. Based on the information you posted so far you won’t even need “Cloudflare’s SSL”.

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