Is there anyone who is using CF as VOD streaming service

hello. Thanks for reading in advance

i am going to upload 112 videos and total size would be around 150GB

The main target countries are USA, LATAM, Indonesia and Korea. Thus, looking for CDN provider

I am considering between CF and Bunny Streaming CDN

Is there anyone who is running VOD streaming service? May i kindly ask for your real-experience in CF ?

  1. How many and total size of videos?(I am asking VOD, not the LIVE streaming)
  2. which country is main target(whole countries ? or USA only etc)
  3. which service are you using in CF ?
    Main - Free, Pro, Business / Stream - Creator bundle etc / R2 - ??
  4. The video performance is good or not ?

Thank you so much and I do ask for kind help !