Is there any way to test the hosting errors without logging in to the host

CF Support team would as a courtesy give me rare screenshots like this

I wonder where to get this. From a software? Or is it something the technical team talentedly invented.

I wish I could do it on my own so that I dont need to bother everyone else.

You should check out the Analytics section in your dashboard.

yeah I got there. Does it necessarily mean that I need to enable Argo to obtain a bigger picture?

I am not sure if Argo helped you, why would you think so?

Which data do you want?

no. I never triggered Argo.

Preferably something like this. It shows all types of errors incurred. Crystal clear. Very illustrated

Cloudflare does not provide this kind of information (at least not on the lower plans, maybe Enterprise). But you should be able to get all this information from your host.

So those screenshots are probably from our Grafana instance or one of our other internal reporting tools. We compile our data from a number of sources, some of which are available to our Enterprise customers as part of the Enterprise Logs feature. Or Enterprise customers also get status code related info in their analytics dashboard.

You could log your own data either by using Workers or by using a Workers App such as LogFlare Check out my new Cloudflare app!

Logflare maker here … yeah you can easily use Logflare to funnel all those 524 responses into their own stream to see exactly what is triggering them.

We don’t have the graphs yet. Hopefully soon. LMK if you need help.

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