Is There any way to protect the Videos inside Cloudflare for downloading?

I konw that we can set the URLs for authorized reproduction videos, but how can we protect them from downloading?

Thanks a lot for your help


By downloading do you mean taking a copy for offline viewing? Without DRM, that is not possible on any platform. HLS video (.m3u8) can be trivially downloaded by pretty much anybody.

Cloudflare Stream offers some protection tools which can help prevent some unauthorised redistribution, but if a user is allowed to view it, you cannot stop them from downloading it for redistribution unless you apply DRM (which Cloudflare Stream does not provide)


Michael is totally right.

But your question also depends on the meaning of the word “protect”. Are you aiming a 100% protection for any user streaming the content?
Well that doesn’t exist… 'cause anybody can simply record their screen and create an mp4 from your video.

Are you aiming a protection from download for 99% of the people (not tech savvy)? Well, Cloudflare allows for that through what Michael mentioned briefly.
Here more specifically:

a) Signed URLs
You need to code something yourself to allow for signed URLs from your website to CF Stream. If you use Wordpress, there is a WP plugin (paid) that offers for that.

This is kind of techy to explain.
To put it simple, this is a way CF Stream uses to hide the video ID. Only a time-bound token is shown on the page with the player someone see in its browser.
But ticking the box only won’t protect a thing… and won’t let your videos to stream unless you get the plugin (for WP) or you code something specific your end (for Drupal, Joomla, plain code website, etc)!

b) Allowed origins
Here you basically need to specify the websites where your streaming can happen. This will allow you to prevent anyone taking the ID or the streaming URL and paste it e.g. in a forum letting your videos to stream from anywhere! So, if you want to stream your videos from only you need to insert in the “allowed origin” field. If you want to stream from multiple websites, just separate them with a comma.

I personally tested those 2 CF Stream protection methods and I must say it’s really hard for the videos do be downloaded. I tested with JDownloader, many browser extensions (e.g. downloadhelper) and any classical online websites to download videos offline… and none of them managed to download my CF Stream protected videos :wink:

To wrap it up: if you activate signed URLs and Allowed Origins, I think you protect your videos for 99% of people around the globe. Still, you will always have that 1%, tech savvy guys that will be able to download your videos.

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