Is there any way to make redirect rules by region?

I would like to redirect users from different regions to pages that use the corresponding language, but my site does not support this feature. So does Cloudflare support redirection by region?

By a city, country, contitent, web browser “accept-language”, IP address of the user/visitor or something else?

Other example, a user can be from countryA where languageA (be it Germany) is most used or native, having a web browser language set in languageB (English, default installation) and using a VPN in some countryC (Austria).

Question is, where from is the user and on which language should the content be served to the user? :thinking:

  • should you check and do it by looking the web browser headers?
  • or via the IP address?
  • or something else?

I believe something might be done using Cloudflare Workers & Transform Rules if so.

Some ideas using :search: :

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