Is there any way to increase the KV rate limits?

I have a licensing system which is setup using Cloudflare Workers & KV. Our platform receives a substantial amount of traffic (50M - 100M monthly). Unfortunately we get intermittent 429 errors when trying to perform write operations to Cloudflare KV to update license details.

The calls to write are single-requests (not batched) and don’t happen anywhere near as often as the read operations… All in all we need around 100k write operations per month to Cloudflare KV.

Is there way to increase the rate limit on Cloudflare KV so this isn’t an issue?

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You can open a ticket with Support and ask them to increase the limits.

You probably will not be able to do so via the dash (which is the best way to create a ticket) as you cannot open a ticket for a limit change. LMK the ticket number you receive after you email support AT cloudflare DOT com.

Hey @cloonan,

I’ve sent an email to the support address as instructed. The ticket number is 2494475

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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Thank you, I have escalated your post for my colleagues in Support. I will also add myself to your ticket to track progress.

Are you using the Cloudflare API for these writes? The Cloudflare API imposes a rate limit of 1000 requests per 5 minutes which is unrelated to KV.

I see the ticket has been responded to. Please revert on the ticket if you have more questions.