Is there any way to host my website on a spacific regional server?

I just wanted to know if I can host my website to an Asian server as most of my audiences are from Asia.
Let’s say I want to host my site on the Singapur server is there any way to do that?
If yes! let me show the way as I am a beginner.

Cloudflare is not a website host. Regardless of where you choose to host your website, Cloudflare will proxy your site through a datacenter closest to your visitor(s).

But I think something weird happens to me.
My nearest server is Singapur but Cloudflare serves my website to me from the USA.
Is there anything I can do?

What makes you think you are being served from the USA?

You can check which COLO you are being served from by visiting this url, with your domain

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your providing links not working on my domain.
I am getting 404 page.

Hi @BinTofajjal,

What is your domain? I expect that site shows the location of the IP, which is not necessarily where your requests are served from, since Cloudflare uses an Anycast network.

Cloudflare is registered in the US, that does not mean that your site is being served from the US.

Replace “” with whatever your domain is, obviously…

Edit: If you’re getting a 404 then your website is not being proxied by Cloudflare

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