Is there any support at this company yet?


I am a subscriber to Cloudflare Pro and am more than 15 days old with an incorrect billing problem and incomplete domain registration. Case #1655154.

And I simply can not get an answer either by email, or by open tickets.

What’s wrong with Cloudflare?

With all displeasure,
Wash Luis

Hi @f1sc4ll, sorry for the issues you’re facing, I tagged your ticket with a link to this post and added some details and cc’d myself on it as well to monitor progress.

We have an enterprise account and supposed to have 24/7 phone support but no where on the portal or links does it let you know the number. joke.

Hi @craig.saddington, I’ll need to investigate to identify your account manager. If you have a ticket open, please share the number and I’ll get it into the enterprise queue. Sorry for the difficulty.

Edit - it looks like your tickets are going in the proper queue and I’ve contacted your Customer Success Manager asking them to reach out to you.


I’m sorry, but nothing justifies the total lack of help and support by Cloudflare.

What’s missing is people to work with?
Or would the problem be related to the system?
Totally misleading advertising the support you offer.

I am waiting for the deadline for dispute with Paypal, to return my money.

I have already opened dozens of tickets in the support center and none I have answered, it is already 13 days and 5 days since my last message and I continue with no feedback.

What is the problem with this company?

It takes a week to finish my cycle and probably my account will be blocked, so I’ll migrate to

This just slows everything down, tickets are answered in order, Enterprise → Business → Pro → Free.
Opening multiple tickets adds time to the process as they are merged and often end up further down the queue.

They are probably just busy! If you go the proper routes and open one ticket for your issue, you should get a response.

Are you kidding me?

I’m waiting for 15 days for a problem and you’re telling me to wait?

Wait until when?

It is not my problem if the company has too many tickets to respond, it hired more people to solve customer problems, or it will simply continue to lose customer as it has already lost me.

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I agree, however I can still understand the OP as well. Pro customers should receive an initial response within +/- two hours. Make that six if you want, but it shouldnt be 15 days and - assuming the mentioned timeline is correct - I’d venture to say something went wrong.


The billing migration generated a lot of customer questions, some new issues, and unfortunately, a lot of duplicate tickets. While the initial replies are in line with what @sandro mentions, it took more time than we’d like to answer specific questions and address migration issues.

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I have no doubts but certainties.

I keep my problem open for 21 days, I received 2 random replies on my ticket and none of my money back.

It sounds like a joke, but the last response from the Coudflare team was simply to say it was closing the ticket.

It’s crazy, and it seems like I’m dealing with a start-up company with totally unprepared professionals and no concept of reading the ticket history before answering.

1 - There are 21 days with an invoice charged on a domain transfer service that has not been carried out.
2 - Cloudflare’s financial team simply refuses to give me back my money and gives random answers to prolong the case.
3 - The only goal of the Cloudflare team is to beat the ticket resolution goal by simply entering the ticket and closing it without responding.

Tip: Never hire a Cloudflare plan.

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