Is there any problem with SSL full (strict problem)

Today I could see all the requests to one of my domain end up showing Error 526. I don’t know what really happens. I didn’t change anything on my end. Today morning (around 8 am IST) I started seeing these errors. I have even tried creating a new origin certificate and installed on my server. But till it shows with 526 errors. Later I self-signed a certificate on my server and changed the SSL to Full only. Even then I could see the same 526 error.

Should I wait more time?

It shouldn’t take any time at all for a certificate on the server to take effect after the server process has been reloaded. Full (not strict) shouldn’t show a 526 in this case, so it’s likely the certificate on your server hasn’t loaded.

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What about changing to flexible, will it solve the problem even if i don’t have an SSL certificate on the server.

What can be the reason of showing 526 error even when I use Flexible SSL/TLS.

It’s not recommended and you should always use Full (strict) whenever possible - installation of a valid SSL certificate should just take few minutes.

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It’s now working with Full (strict) SSL. I really don’t get why this happens. I tried a number of things which includes reinstalling the plugins, etc. And I also reinstalled the origin certificate with 15 years expiration. Now working fine.


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