Is there any problem in activating ssl certificate using caching plugin

Hi Guys

When i was activate ssl certificate last time but it did not get activated properly while I followed the procedure well. the problem I was facing my website was not opening at that time bcz of unlimited redirect chain was created. please can any of you explain why this happened.

I want to tell you at that time, I used two caching plugins. does it cause a problem? please guide me.

Hi @nskholiya95, it sounds like you were maybe hitting a too many redirects error. Can you share the domain you’re working with now? Do you have a certificate installed on your server?

If it was a redirect loop between Cloudflare and your origin server, conflicting plugins may be contributing to the error, difficult to guess. The easiest fix for this is to remove the redirect on your origin server. You may want to disable the plugins to get it working as you like and then enable them one at a time to see if they introduce errors.

Thanks, @cloonan for answering the question. let me tell you what really happened. when I connected one of my other domains to Cloudflare, it successfully connected. both of my domains exist on the same hosting plan, and both domain already has an SSL certificate. but when I talked to the hosting company about this, they said that you do not need to remove the earlier SSL. you said to remove the redirect on your origin server. how can I do this please explain? I have no knowledge in this area.

If you pause cloudflare and get the origin woking with ssl, then unpause and set cf to full strict. It’s easiest to get the end to end security if the origin is secure before you start.

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