Is there any method to extract page out of cache

I’m Using " Cache Everything" page option in Cloudflare, so, I have to exclude a few pages from the cache and I’m, running out of page rule.

So, is there any method to instruct Cloudflare, don’t cache this page.

For example, doing some kind of setting on a website, or on the server side

If you’re not also setting Edge Cache TTL, you can override Cache Everything, according to the docs:

It’s important to note that Cloudflare will still respect Origin caching directive with this Page Rule in effect.

Cache-Control headers sending “private”,“no-cache”, or “max-age=0” or Expires header with a date in the past will override the rule and cause Cloudflare to NOT cache the resource. To override these you’d need to add another setting called “Edge Cache TTL” and set it to however long you’d like Cloudflare to cache that resource on our servers.

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thanks for the reply.

I added both Cache Everything, Edge cache TTL and also Browser cache TTL.

Well, I have another idea,

Can you tell me how can I exclude these three pages from cache with the one-page rule

Can, I set rule something like this, as i read one (* |member* |checkout*

I know, this is not a correct statement, but can I do something like this, exclude parent as well as child page.

I wish there was a way to string together conditional statements in a Page Rule (there isn’t a way), but those three paths are unique and need separate Page Rules.

At this point, you’ll have to limit your caching. When I get to this point, I just use Cache Everything for the home page ( and maybe one other resource path. In my case, it’s often wp-content because that’s where all the plugins and static files. I turn on Cache Everything and bump up Edge Cache to some big number.

My servers are generally pretty quick in generating dynamic pages, so I try to offload the other stuff.

I may have posted this elsewhere, but if it’s really important to you, you can subscribe to additional page rules ($5/month for 5 extra rules).

Sound interesting. Let me do this setting and check the speed of the site.

thanks for this useful information.

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