Is there any manual trigger to create the build task for Cloudflare Pages?

I have investigated an issue under this circumstance:

I add a GitHub repo to Cloudflare Pages, the Pages will create a new build task and deploy it on every push event from GitHub.

However, I suffered a downtime from GitHub yesterday, and mostly GitHub features (git operations, webhooks etc.) were unavailable at that time. I tried multiple Git pushing operations and it succeeded once (others responded with Internal Server Error).

Here is the issue begins: after the successful push operation, the Cloudflare Pages cannot detect this push event from GitHub (I guess maybe the GitHub was suffering downtime and features were downgraded). After the downtime recovered in GitHub, the Cloudflare Pages still did not receive any push event from my GitHub repo, so my website’s version is older than the target branch version.

I can’t find any manual trigger in Cloudflare Pages to manually create a build task and deploy the website, so creating a new commit and push it to GitHub, let it trigger the Cloudflare Pages to create a new build task is my only option now.


There was another outage today which may have also affected you. If you are still having problems though triggering builds please let me know your account ID and URL

As for manually triggering, we do have a way! Deploy Hooks -

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Thanks! Deploy hook is exactly what I wanted!

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