Is there any limit on data transfer for workers?

I would have asked this question along with my previous one, but since i didnt found any similar question asked here except for one (but well i didnt quite got it, i am a newbie on cloudflare) i decided to open new topic

So i was wondering if there’s any limit on data transfer via free worker, since so such details were given when i opened Intro Page.

There is no limit on normal Workers/Bundled (within reason, abuse wouldn’t be tolerated). On Unbound you will be charged for egress (can be reduced with Bandwidth Alliance), but there is no limit (again, within reason, abuse wouldn’t be tolerated).

I recommend you join the Discord, over 5,000 people over there that can help you out quickly. Can always ping me too if you have a question :slight_smile:

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Thanks for info
And ye won’t abuse
Will ping when i have query :+1:

Btw again, what are egress limits after which i would get charged.
I mean it’s easy to keep track on usage when u know allowance, and your rate of usage (sorry i don’t understand what is unbound, but i assume it’s worker)

Unbound is a paid secondary option for Workers, you pay for Unbound run time. If you are not using Unbound (you mentioned being free, so you aren’t) then there is no egress charge.

I recommend checking the docs:
You can see Unbound has duration/egress fees but free/bundled does not!

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so i guess usage for my personal projects (that i suppose wouldnt be too high), will not be considered abuse
thanks a lot again :+1:

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