Is there any limit in Cloudflare for the cache size of my webpages?


With the Pro version, I’m getting familiar with CloudFlare cache, and I’m testing a directory of my website (**) with a Page Rule with the following settings:

  • Browser Cache TTL: a day
  • Always Online: On
  • Cache Level: Cache Everything
  • Edge Cache TTL: a month

My aim is to cache completely the 600,000+ webpages of my site, in order to save bandwith and resources in the origin server.

I wondered if CloudFlare sets any kind of limit for the whole size of the cache of all my webpages. This is, I suppose that CloudFlare prefers to cache 1GB than 100GB of the same customer.

If this limit exists, how can I find it? How can I prioritize which URLs I cache?

Thank you.

There’s no set limit of overall cache size. What’s more likely to happen is most of your cache will be evicted for lack of use. Even though you set TTL to one month, that’s unlikely to happen unless it’s a very frequently used resource.

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