Is there an advantage to using proxy or is it better to disable it?

Is there an advantage in regards to SEO with enabling (or disabling proxy) in the DNS settings?

Just curious because I was on the phone with Google support and a support agent told me to check my Cloudflare DNS settings.

Please advise.

In order to take advantage of Cloudflare functionality (including e.g. DDoS protection, WAF/Firewall rules, Caching, and so on), records will need to be Proxied (:orange:).

Disabling and making any record Unproxied (:grey:), means that any traffic (including eventual attacks) that people make towards that record will go directly to your server’s IP address, without the possibility for Cloudflare to do anything.

The latter one may be a concern, for some people / organisations out there.

I would actually contact that support agent again, and ask for that agent to clearly tell what kind of DNS settings they are suggesting to check, and why they have concerns to these specific DNS settings.

That being said, do you mind telling us what the actual problem was, that made you try contacting Google Support?

… Are you actually using any of their services (e.g. Google Sites), or something like that?

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

Yes, what you are saying about not orange clouding are exactly my thoughts. I will continue to have it orange because I believe the security benefits are there.

So to your inquiry. I contacted Google because I was concerned about SEO issues. I was inquiring how our competitors in our field and area with no reviews, no profile photo, and just a static website with unnatural backlinks are able to rank better than us. I checked those backlinks and even contacted the site owners providing those listings, and yes, it’s a pay scheme.

For local searches, I’d search a target keyword from a local IP and yet our competitors from a nearby city tens of miles away would rank better with no reviews and what not. I just don’t get it.

Google Workspace.

Btw, I actually did inquire to get more clarity on what the actual problem is but the rest was something along the lines “this isn’t within the scope of our services.”

Thus my inquiry here.


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