Is there aingle page rule to replace these?

I have a multisite where each region is in a subfolder and the global site is at the root

I’m currently using 2 rules to bypass cache on certain urls - just wondering if i can combine them into a single rule?

.domain.c0m /checkout/

.domain.c0m //checkout/*

example will *.domain.c0m /checkout/ do the same job?

i basically would like to know how to format a rule to cover
domain.c0m /checkout
domain.c0m /au/checkout
domain.c0m /uk/checkout etc.

Thought i’d ask here first before settting up a staging site to test myself.

looks like some asterix where removed

domain .com/checkout/
domain .com/*/checkout/

domain .com /*checkout/


should probably do the trick, though keep in mind this will also apply to /plenty/of/subdirectories/checkout.

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