Is there a way to whitelist WAVE by WebAIM tool? #accessibility

I am trying to run accessibility check on my website using WAVE ( It always get hit with bot fighting rules that I have not way to run the check. Is there a way to whitelist specific bot?
This is a very common tools. Cloudflare should probably make it a verified bot.

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Haven’t seen yet to appear on my Firewall events and it’s not being blocked or challenged due to my Firewall Rules and Bot Management, but may I suggest and ask have you tried using a Web browser add-on?
I rather use it for FireFox, Edge or Chrome, works like a charm :wink:

Otherwise, if you see it in Firewall events, you could Bypass/Allow it’s User-agent or IP address (if it’s always the same, hopefully).

Good catch.
This could be a possible request to add it, if it isn’t already on a CF known good bot list:

It shows up in my Firewall event as:

Rule ID 874a3e315c344b1281ad4f00046aab6f
Rule name manage definite bots

I have to set the bot mode to “Definitely automated” to allow to use the tool even-though verified bots is set to allow. I don’t think I could use User-Agent or IP to whitelist it. User-Agent is pretty much same as regular browser and IP is changing. The browser extensions works as it’s processed locally. But for some reason, Firefox add-on results are slightly different than cloud crawl. Not sure why.

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