Is there a way to use Warp client to bypass SSO auth for Cloudflare Access in Incognito

We’re testing out Cloudflare Access, we have chosen to secure our apps using our Google SSO accounts (workspaces).

The issue we have is our testers have automated test scripts running from their local laptops for our apps and they regularly use incognito/clear cache to ensure accurate results in between tests. We’re trying to figure out a way which we can enforce Google SSO to these apps but this is proving to be a blocker as the testers do not want to continuously have to sign in before the tests run.

We’ve thought of using Google API keys instead but not sure if that’s the route we should go down.

Is there any way the WARP client can automatically authenticate using the Gateway or any other mechnism?

I am not sure but just creating a allow rule with gateway will work

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