Is there a way to revoke a cf_clearance?

Say if the origin server finds a session is abusing an API resource, then he could tell cloudflare to revoke the cf_clearance. That would be convenient. But I didn’t manage to find one. Am I missing something valuable?


To ensure that a token is not forged by an attacker or has not been consumed yet, it is necessary to check the validity of a token using Cloudflare’s siteverify API.
You must call the siteverify endpoint to validate the Turnstile widget response from your website’s backend. The widget response must only be considered valid once it has been verified by the siteverify endpoint.
A response (i.e. token) may only be validated once. If the same response is presented twice, the second and each subsequent request will generate an error stating that the response has already been consumed.
Server-side validation of Turnstile

I just tried to use siteverify on the origin server and it seems even a successful siteverify of the token couldn’t revoke the corresponding cf_clearance either.