Is there a way to recover user data if a forum is down?

Basically the title. A role forum I’ve been part of for years has been down since the beginning of this year, the admin is not showing any sign of moving towards fixing it anytime soon, so I would rather just get my character information and move on. So the question is that, if I can prove that the account in the forum is mine, is there anyway for someone on Cloudflare to get all my posts (download my data) and send it to me?

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What you ask is not possible. Cloudflare does not have any of the site’s data. It is stored on whatever hosting the site operator uses. Unless the site comes back online, the data is lost.

If your data was public on the site, you may be able to find it at in the Wayback Machine. If it was only visible to logged in users, they won’t have it either.

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Damn, that’s rough. Thank you for your reply though.

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