Is there a way to prevent WP path Probing

I have constant probes, hacking and web app attack attempts on my sites, search WP paths to access. Is there a way to set this up either through workers or something else so they are automatically rejected and the IP is blocked? For example, these are the types of paths I would like to trigger an automatic IP block. How would I set this up and is there a tutorial you can point me to (if it already exists)?


Thanks in advance!

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Are you using Wordpress in the first place?

No, we are not using WP.

In that case you could simply configure the following firewall rule


Awesome, thanks Sandro!

In my case, since my website does not use any Wordpress either, I stripped any/all wp directories out of the server… so there is no path to any of that.

Thanks Chris, I’ll double check to make sure any wp/ dir are wiped.

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