Is there a way to move Websites/Domains from one CloudFlare account to another without doing a change of nameservers and making the same values again for them in the Dashboard?

Just being curious and I wonder if there is a way to move/transfer Websites/Domains from one CloudFlare account to another CloudFlare account?

By that, is there a need again to change nameservers while still using the CloudFlare services?, also the “repeated” setup for the same values/parameters for them, etc.?

Or, maybe a better and easier way, is there a feature so we could have multiple contact information (like personal WHOIS, business WHOIS, some client WHOIS) on the “WHOIS” tab of account settings?

Because, if we have somehow a lot of Websites/Domains to manage, maybe in the start there was no good dialog between people, so due to this would be nice to just move them “as is” to another CloudFlare account which should be associated with them.

No. (that was easy)

First of all, there’s only like a .1% chance you’ll find someone with the same set of name servers.

You have better odds of Cloudflare implementing per-domain WHOIS info. Speaking of which, if it’s a domain registered with Cloudflare, that’s a different bundle of fun in trying to transfer that registration to another account. You’ll need Support’s help with that. There are several obstacles they need to help with.

Copying settings over isn’t much fun, either. You’d need Terraform. And by the time you get that configured, it would have been quicker to just copy settings over, or mostly start from scratch, which might even be cleaner.

On a brighter note, with all this in mind, you’ll have a better idea on how to plan for this in the future. Multi User accounts might be what you’re looking for next time around (one account per client/site):

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Thank you very much for sharing detail information with options to keep in mind, and a solution.

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A couple more tips: You can copy DNS records over, and some instructions for moving a Non-Cloudflare-Registered domain to a different account (It’s really just adding the domain to a new account, just like you added it to your current account).

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Sure, will take that too into account.

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