Is there a way to identify the hosting company?


I have been offered to manage a website which is currently active in Cloudflare but the owner does not know the hosting company and does not have admin permissions either.

Is there a way to recover these data?

I have looked up in WHOIS but, unlike most of the sites, the only information I get is that it is active in Cloudflare.

For security reasons, I am not providing the name of the website, unless you indicate a safe way to do it.

Thank you in advance


And for security reasons Cloudflare can not provide the hosting company.

It’s not about recovery, it’s about finding/remembering them.

Very unlikely tbh. But even if, this is not a Cloudflare problem, but yours, or your client ones.

He does not need to be admin, just seeing the DNS would be sufficient to determine the hosting company.

All this sounds a little fishy to be honest and sounds like a check if Cloudflare would provide you with that information. I bet they will not - for security reasons.

If you don’t provide us with the domain we can not help anyway, because the community does not have access to your account and therefore can not know what domain you are talking about.

Hello, and thank you for your honesty

So sorry that you missunderstood my query. I would never dream to ask Cloudflare to provide private information, I may be a bit silly but not that much;) !!!

Regarding Where you wrote:

“If you don’t provide us with the domain we can not help anyway, because the community does not have access to your account and therefore can not know what domain you are talking about.”
I tried to provide the link here but I receive the alert:

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

I can share that the website name is gexin, an argentine company so it is .ar . Youmay want to double check in WHOIS as to the information I get


I am not looking for private information. Just asking if, with this information there is any posibility to get their hosting provider. so I have a chance to contact them. This info I need before I accept to help the client with his website.

Hope you can help me

Thank you and regards


Yes you are. Since these information are not public they are private - hence you are indeed looking for private information.

To solve that issue please write your potential client to invite you into their Cloudflare Account so you can find out who the hoster is. After you have access to the dashboard, go to the DNS section, take the IP the domain resolves to and resolve it to the ASN, which very likely will give you a hint on where it is hosted.

Everything else are (without proof) loose claims and could be used to gain/steal Cloudflares clients data/info and therefore can not be shared.

If you are not interested in the official ways that would be your decision, if you are please proceed as described above.


Hello Martin and thank you for your explanation.

I understand everything completely now. It sounds logical.

While, I´m really sorry that you took me wrong, I still appreciate your having taken the time to clarify this issue for me.

Thank you again and Regards!!



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Is the site any wordpress site or any custom? And when you say you don’t have admin access, that means the backend login of it? Also if client doesn’t have the Cloudflare access either? Although I can still find the original hosting too.

Hi there, twitter-luckyankit, and thank you for your feedback!!

All this query arouse because I have been offered to manage a website which I did not create. The owner wants to change his current webmaster, and, while I am not specialist, I can definetely manage myself to make the kind of changes and updates that he needs to do.

The problem here is that the owner has never been involved in the website management, he does not know the credentials used by the webmaster. So, this is a problem and a limitation.

Because the only information retrieved from WHOIS is that the domain is active in Cloudflare, I decided to ask here if there was any possible way to discover a account´s hosting provider.
With that information, I was planning to get in touch with this hosting provider and ask them if they could at least provide the email with which the hosting account had been signed up.

In this way, in case my potential client has access to this email, he could always try “forgot password”. from his wp-login.php. and may be he could recover his password.

That was all I figured out as to how to recover the credentials because, and then, answering to your question, Yes, As far as I could see, yes, the website has been created with WordPress and uses Woocommerce.

As you can read in the last post, I was suggested to ask the potential client to provide his Cloudflare Account. While this sound only logical, it is also sounds pretty funny: my potential client doesn´t even know what Cloudflare is at all. So this suggestion unfortunately has to be aborted.

So, regarding where you wrote "Although I can still find the original hosting too." I don´t know if this is ethical to ask, (I have been so ill treated and missunderstood in this post that now I have my doubts).
However, in case that you can provide this information, or teach me how I can also get it, I will be so much grateful.

Again, thank you very much for contributing to this post

Best regards


From I can gather, your domain is a Your only likely recourse is to start over by creating a new CF account, and obtaining permission from your client to access the registrar (, and update the name servers assigned to the new CF account. Unfortunately, this is the nuclear option, especially if you don’t have a backup copy of the Wordpress site currently being hosted, not to mention establishing new hosting.

A few other data points I was able to find:

The name server history indicates hosted the site in 2019, the last record I could find. There’s a chance that is still true, if that information is valid.

The domain is using for email marketing. This is unrelated to your hosting, but maybe there’s a chance someone there has a record of your hosting.

There’s a Google site verification in the DNS TXT record. If your client can access the Google account, there might be information in Google Analytics that offers clues to the hosting provider (I haven’t used GA for some years, so take this with a grain of salt).


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Hi there Calia and thank you so much for your feedback,

I appreciate your help so much!!

The site does not show up in NIC-AR but I will try to use this info you have just provided regarding LIQUIDWEBA and ANALYTICS, fand see if I we are lucky enough to succeed in this search.

Again, thank you so much!!


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