Is there a way to have a domain get proxied by Cloudflare for some ports only?!?!

I have a few domains that are working well with https proxying however ideally I’d like that same domain to have some ports outside of the normal realm of Cloudflare without going into the enterprise edition, forwarded directly to my server. Specifically ports like 30443 and perhaps 1935. Is this possible at all while using the same domain/subdomain?

No, that is not possible. A domain will either resolve to your IP or to Cloudflare.

If you want to proxy some service but not others, they need to use different subdomains.

Or I need to pay for enterprise…right?

No, it is not possible.

Well, if I understand correctly, enterprise will allow me to proxy any port, not just a limited set.

Well, you asked about some ports being unproxied while others are proxied. That’s not possible.

Spectrum TCP will let you proxy arbitrary ports, but you would still need to create a separate hostname for them. The reason this is restricted and expensive (Enterprise) is because proxying arbitrary TCP connections (unlike http) means Cloudflare has to give you a dedicated IP address. It’s a separate service from the regular web proxy.

If you want certain ports to not go through Cloudflare’s proxy, just create a hostname for them and set it to :grey: DNS Only.

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I just might have to do that unfortunately. Thanks for clearing this up.

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