Is there a way to get past CF's short page timeout w/o pausing CF?


Cloudflare has a timeout setting of 90 or 100 seconds. (Let’s call it 100.) I don’t mind that visitors to my websites experience a timeout, but I have a few operations that I (as a webmaster) often do in my own custom built webmaster Control Panel (not part of CF) that require a page not to time out for 5 minutes.

Because my webmaster Control Panel was built by me, I can add programming to it. I was wondering what the commands would be to pause CF, then re-enable CF? ASSUMING THIS IS THE RIGHT APPROACH, my thinking is that I’d click a button in my Control Panel to pause, then I’d do what I need to do, then click another button to re-enable CF.

Is this the right approach, or is there some way to globally increase/change the timeout setting (in the free version of CF)? Any advice is appreciated. This shouldn’t be so difficult! I wish CF would put a timeout setting in their interface!

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If you are looking to programmatically pause and unpause Cloudflare, you could use the API

Another option would be to make your functions run in shell, and then use something like PHP’s exec command to run the shell command in the background… That way the page would finish loading and you would not see the timeout, and you would just have to wait for it to finish in the background. Ex:

  exec("/path/to/ &");
  echo "Running in the background...";



Making my functions run in a shell sounds similar to commands I use to run things in a cronjob. I’ll see about adding the pause/unpause commands via the API (because I’d like that in my custom interface anyway). Thank you.


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