Is there a way to find out the requests number of each worker?

I just got a email from Cloudflare about my worker hit 76% of daily request limit (100000/day), and it exceeded 100000 after 2 minutes.
So I am going to find out which worker was being attacked, but I can’t find it in Cloudflare Workers dashboard & Analytics.

I think it’s best you open a ticket, that’s a lot of requests…

About stats, it seems to be a work in progress. I can only find account total, not per-domain.

That’s actually a very good question, and I’m not totally sure how to do that in their UI but if you alter your worker to add a cf-worker-id response header, and put a worker name or ID in there, you could then use logging to figure that out, and that field would be automatically queryable if you use something like Logflare.

We are working on per-worker statistics, but right now you can only see account totals. Sorry about that! Contacting support is probably the right call here.

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