Is there a way to extract raw contents from saved caches?

Early this morning my web host has permanently suspended one of my subdomains, and unfortunately they claim to not have backups, and the last backup I’ve made myself were about a year ago.

Is there any way to have the raw cached contents from CloudFlare? I’ve recovered a few files from my own browser cache, but I’m hoping CloudFlare would’ve cached more of it, so that I can patch together whatever I can get to have it running again at least on the frontend. Thanks!

I am afraid there is not anything more than what you can currently publicly access. Cached resources won’t be “raw” either but could be already optimised (images, minification, and so on).

Also take into account that Cloudflare will evict them from the cache depending on how often they are requested on your local PoP, so you might want to access the URLs quickly.

On top of that, did you have a cache everything rule configured? If not, Cloudflare wouldn’t have cached HTML to begin with.

To address your question in general, I am afraid Cloudflare will be probably not the best place to start looking for your content. Maybe try some of those Internet archives.

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This may help you:

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Thanks for the explanation! No I didn’t have any rules configured, and the subdomain is for more of a personal use so sadly it’s not and unlikely to be archived anywhere, I’ve checked my luck on Internet Archive and Google Cache as well just to be sure. I guess I would have to make do with my year old backup and the leftover browser caches.

In that case only your static resources will be cached anyhow and your HTML content wouldn’t be.

Yeah, I am afraid you will have to restore it from previous backups in that case.

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