Is there a way to embed videos in Patreon?

I’m using Cloudflare Stream to host and embed my videos and it works great for my Wordpress site. However Patreon states " Note : We use for all embedded Video Posts. You can test your URL there to ensure that your video will post properly. Add your URL into the textbox field, and click the arrow link to the right. If you find an error in the “type” field, your URL will not post, and you’ll want to double-check your link."

So when I link my CloudFlare link I get a generic “Stream Videodelivery” and it opens in a new window instead of embedding like Youtube, Vimeo or IplayerHD does.
Is there a work around for this?

@zaid and @renan might know if there’s a process to get Stream more recognized as an embed in various services.

Hi there, what link are you feeding to embedly? We’ll do some more research into what we need to do to support embedly and get back to you.


It’s this link here - we post it in Patreon (who says they use embedly) - we have hundreds of movies so all the links are different -

Thank you. We’ll keep you posted on our support for embedly.


Hi, I have the same problem as [dmcguckin]. I would like to ask you if I should wait until the situation is resolved or look for another video hosting? Thank you in advance.

We don’t have an update yet but should sometime in June.

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Hello dear Cloudflare team,
would like to ask you how it seems with the Any informations?
Thank you. Klara

Hi. Any updates on this? This would be a game changer for a lot of people.

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Hi. Any news please? Thank you.

I think they have forgotten about this, or it just isn’t important enough to work on right now

This is on our roadmap for this quarter. We realize how useful it would be and intend to support it soon.


Thanks, it will greatly help with piracy - any ETA?

Hi, how is it with Any news?

Can you answer me, please? Waiting for the long time :-/

Hi, we’ve built our embedly integration and are waiting for approval from I will update this thread once it is approved.


Amazing! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello. It’s been a year since you wrote about setting up and still no result. How much longer do we have to wait? Thank you.

I already have a solution for this, now I am going to make a tutorial for it!

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Amazing. Can you send the link here then, please? Thank you